Chanel RTW Fall 2010

I am actually taken aback by Karl Lagerfeld,  who is also Fendi’s Creative Director, actually put faux-fur down the runway. I’m glad he’s recognizing how far the industry has come in revolutionizing the alternatives, although I don’t see a change in Fendi anytime soon. That’s alright, though. Did we mention that chunk of ice is a real iceberg? Apparently it was shipped and will be shipped back. Nothing is ever too over the top for Karl. 

Through all of the outlandish fur, Karl featured Chanel basics such as the tweed jackets, etc. I’m in adoration  of the angora as well, and could see myself one day in these get-ups wandering the streets of West Lafayette. I’ll accept the crazy, because dammit, I’ll be batshit, out of control, Britney crazy to walk around here like this, and I’ve come to terms with that. While some of the fur seems a tad on the couture side, I’m sure it would be a hit for a Star Wars convention where one could finally find a quality Wookie costume, because you know, you just can’t get a decent Wookie costume these days.

Through and through, there are many items that any woman could put in their own wardrobe, including those iconic jackets that will forever be a Chanel staple. Chanel epitomizes high quality, and Karl didn’t back down and put on one hell of a show.



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