My Oscar Favorites and Classics

The Academy Awards will be rolling out the red carpet Sunday for the 82nd annual awards show. Besides the awards being celebrated, Oscar fashions are always one of the biggest and hottest topics of the night. What/who are you wearing is the biggest question. These are my favorite looks, old and new.

#5 Elizabeth Taylor

Accompanied by then husband, Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor looks absolutely divine at the 1970 Oscars in a dress designed by the great Hollywood designer, Edith Head. The legend hit it off with the violet number that matched her iconic eyes. The plunging neckline showed enough attention that those famous white diamonds pull you in for a closer look. She wowed at this Academy Awards showing that being the world’s most beautiful woman also had talent.

#4 Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is such a fashion icon in her own right, that no wonder she would be on any best dressed list. She showed up to the Oscars being nominated for Country Girl in this icy blue satin number, possibly designed by Edith Head. Although her win was an upset, the award should have gone to Judy Garland for A Star is Born, no one can take away her award winning look.

#3 Michelle Williams

This beautiful mustard Vera Wang gown turn heads in 2006. This flowing chiffon, the train, everything about it makes it a desirable look that will be imitated over and over again.

#2 Kate Winslet – Tie

I made a tie with two of Kate’s looks. One is the 2009 Yves Saint Laurent gown. Say what you want, but I think Kate looks ravishing in this satin and floral lace and won that long-awaited Academy Award she well deserved. The other is a red Ben di Lisi gown worn at the 2002 awards and she looks so breathtaking. She’s such a classic beauty and looks amazing in whatever she turns up in.

#1 Audrey Hepburn

In 1954, Audrey Hepburn won Best Actress for one of her most famous roles in Roman Holiday.  Givenchy designed this beautiful floral lace piece, that leaves such an iconic image whenever you think of Audrey Hepburn’s classic and timeless style.



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