Dries Van Noten RTW Fall 2010

I went through everything Dries Van Noten put down the runway and I’m in love. It is a beautiful love affair indeed. There were varying silhouettes, muted color palettes, silky florals, and much more. There was a military theme that I spotted with the olive greens and style, but there seemed to be somewhat of a contradiction that I really enjoyed. There were these full skirts and dresses that were mixed in that were a play and variation of a 1947 silhouette, specifically Dior’s “New Look,” that was quite humorous in that his famous line came out after WWII. Don’t you just die for that grey blazer and over-sized black sweater? Class. He went on to continue playing with 50s and 60s silhouettes that come off precise, classic, and reinvented.

The teal and blues that seem to be inspired from a peacock  and fuchsia bring interesting color into many of the looks. The statements are feminine and contradict the menswear elements that were displayed before. These looks are initially striking, but are quite relaxed when the added elements of a sweater, a hair or two out of place, and the olive and camel mixed in.

The slouchy pants, essentially jodhpur-like, are slouchy and exactly on point. These are pants I have never even cared for, but adding bits and pieces of military into the scheme and mixing it all together, well, you get my point. And that camel coat and crocodile tote mixed with the pants…yes, please.

Meanwhile, can we talk the gold. The gold is so exactly how I would want it in my wardrobe. Not too flashy but so on cue, that you can’t resist to stair. Gold jackets and gold dresses can either look too flashy or too “I’m going out for New Years Eve” and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Meanwhile, Dries Van Noten seemed to have pull that off with so much style and I wonder where I can attain my own gold jacket. Anyone?



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