Not hers…

This is more of long rant that I need to get out. I have an odd need for celebrity gossip. I frequent many sites just to get my fix, and this is easily compared to Courtney Love’s starvation of shameless press and coke. Anyway, there is this one gossiper that should not be named that has this love for Lady Gaga. While I do enjoy some Gaga even more than the next raging gay, something has been bothering me. She has been put on this pedestal that she shouldn’t be on. How does this relate to fashion? Well, there has been some recent posts of Hot Topic stealing her fashion. While she may certainly wear these items, e.g. lace rabbit ears, flip glasses, lightening bolt under the eye, she was certainly not the first to accessorize as such nor was she the designer of anything on this endless list. True, I see your point that they might not be selling and promoting without Gaga being increasingly popular, but let’s give credit to the creative minds where credit is due, please. They’re not exactly ripping her off, so move on and accept it for what it is.



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