Menswear: Givenchy Fall 2010 RTW

Monastery-chic is how I can only describe Givenchy’s fall line for men.  I’m in adoration for the skinny, black suit trousers. I need a pair and immediately. The whole line had a religious theme. While I choose to ignore that theme, I focus more on what is presented to me. Givenchy had varying looks of coats. I love the over-sized wool coats that have interesting shapes. My favorite of the coats and jackets is a specific blazer that has black piping matched with an over-sized shirt underneath. This play on a tailored jacket paired with a shirt that is longer with sharp lines and the skinny trouser is magnificent. The whole fascination of the look is just that. It is entirely thought-provoking. The fabric is all black, but the silhouette changes from the average suit look and is quite admirable.

Moving on to the sandals, I first thought of them as something I would never wear. Does that make them ugly? I don’t know. I began to view them with all of the looks. I rather see their appeal and appreciate them with the skinny trouser, but up close I don’t truly love the look.  Maybe with different leather and format.

So, here we are Givenchy. You bring us the skirt-short. Very intriguing indeed. While we see Marc Jacobs always in uniform of a skirt and boots, are skirt-shorts and male skirts a trend worth seeing? I’ll admit, if I were walking to class in one their would be lots of talk. If I wore one in my home town, I might be pelted with an abundance of stones. Seeing this play off in NYC, London, Paris, and Milan…I can really imagine this trend taking off. This excites me greatly. It would be very interesting to see what I could match to make this the perfect look. Marc Jacobs makes this work in his personal style by adding the boots to give it enough manliness and pulling it off with a masculinity that is enviable. So my judgment is…yes. I like it enough to see where it could go. It also gives me information and material to add in a future post coming really soon on masculinity vs. femininity, so stay tuned. On to the next one!



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