Gucci Fall 2010 RTW

I’ve been slow on covering the big four fashion weeks, but there are many  labels, houses and things that have caught my eye and loved with all of the weeks overlapping and happening almost all at once. Pushing through Milan on Friday, Gucci displayed a very mature appeal with the new line. The show began with simple silhouettes, simple colors, and simple fabrics. I noticed thigh-high suede boots in favor of long dresses, and I approve of the move. The whole set was simple with muted colors pushing to more edgier pieces, all of it sexy, but in a very tasteful, mature definition of what sexy is. The cutouts in many of the dresses are better applied here than what Versace threw down the runway; Gucci having the more cohesive statement overall. With clean lines and luscious furs that are not overstated, the clothes have a strong sense of sophistication and an underplay of style that does not have to be straight forward to make a point. The coat Abby Lee dons, possibly ocelot, is quite striking with the simplicity of the black suede thigh-highs leaving the coat to make the statement. Très chic. The pieces at the end shift to a nighttime look of black and rusty tones, all of which are highly detailed and elaborate with beads, feathers, and furs that it turns the simplistic beginning right around. The snake-skin lace tights are on directly on point. All in all, Gucci has once again solidified their status in Italian fashion.



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