Emilio Pucci Fall RTW 2010

I’ll be honest, Pucci in the past hasn’t been my favorite. I haven’t enjoyed many of their house prints, but I’m really enjoying and am pleased with this recent line. There were an abundance of minis and a very bohemian feel about this that I really enjoyed. I’m going to change this up and do my top 5 looks from Pucci’s line.


The opener of the show catches my eye. This is a jersey dress in one of those house prints, but it takes it somewhere different. Peter Dundas had dip-dyed the dress and made the dress floor-length. This is simple, yet detailed enough to be so beautiful to me. This feeling gives me a glammed-up and toned down version of the 70s psychedelic and I’m loving everything about it. I could easily match this with a leather jacket or something with a black fur and it would still look very sexy just to make a little more interesting, although I’m almost sure it wouldn’t even need anything extra. This makes it my number 5 choice.


Everything about this piece screams the 90s to me. That’s not a bad image in this case. The outfit seems like it could have been an update to something that would have sported a stronger shoulder that would have been a power trend not only then, but in the past few seasons for many labels. There were many minidresses presented by Pucci, but this one is interesting in itself. I love the fabric in the front giving the illusion that you could possibly see everything, but the gold detailing on the fabric covers up what would be considered crass if one wore the dress in public.


While some have felt like high-waisted pants were going out, this has been a recent trend in fashion week (high-waisted jeans we’ll consider a bad decision still, so don’t try to fool us). The paring of the pants with the leather jacket is so chic yet edgy to me. The metal details and emphasis on the shoulders make this leather jacket, but not overly dramatic and sharp, a perfectly executed piece that is alluring. The blouse mimics the dip-dyed dresses and the bag is complete with perfect detail of a tassel.


I may or may not be biased due to the fact that Anja Rubik is walking in this gown, but I can’t help but feel this striking number. There are many combinations in a dress that work for me. One of those equal red and flowy. This captures both adjectives to create my number two look. The gown itself shows a lot of skin, but does it in a way that comes across tastefully, yet still sexy. I adore this and hope to see someone else pull it off in the very near future.



A tie.  I choose to look at this one first, though.  I’m in love with this coat. Lahv, lahv, lahv. Pairing the coat with the mini is very sultry, and it takes a special woman to pull this off. The whole look is very dangerously sexy. This piece wows me. The dress itself pulls off the lace front, which in all honestly, I almost always hate when I see that detailing whether in the front or in the back of any garment. Job well done.

So we’ve pretty much seen this minidress before. So what?! The embellishments make it a favorite look of mine. This is the ultimate party dress and wish I could see it on campus, but that will probably never happen in middle Indiana. That’s all I have to say about this number. You pull this off so well, Poly. Oh, so well.



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