Prada Fall 2010 RTW

It’s a beautiful thing to wake up, hungover, and to see glorious creations from industry icon Miuccia Prada. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this and Prada did not disappoint. This season, as many in the past, the discussions of the “too skinny” model has been thrown about. I will be discussing this topic later, but Miuccia obviously heard all of the chatter. By industry standards, she’s chosen to use curvier girls. Take from that what you will, but she chose three Angels and Lara Stone, who has been previously in the news about not being the stick-thin model.

This time around the silhouettes are mostly a-line, very 60’s inspired looks that give the body some shape. She completes this feel with the total 60’s beehive hair. The stockings are back without the disaster of falling models this go around, but cute, knitted ones that I’d love kill to see the girls on campus wear rather than there opposition to pants and their chosen alternative of tights and leggings. Sweet dreams are made this. With supple, patent leather and prints that are reminiscent of past lines, Prada gave me everything I wanted and more.

Let’s discuss the shoes. Reminiscent of the past? Check. To die for? YES, PLEASE! If I could put on a pair of these I would be working it to and from class, you better believe it. The colored, patent leather, the metal plates, the chunky heel…Miuccia knows best. I’m totally fapping over them. The shoe combined with the knitted stockings are the perfect combination and completely completes the aesthetic that makes it completely her own genius.

Beautiful and perfectly executed once again, Prada. I’ll choose to continue and admire until Spring RTW. Now, off to view the rest of what Londown and Milan has presented the previous day or so.

P.S. Someone get me these glasses, if not just to wear around the house while doing dishes or debating whether to take that nap or not, because come on, I probably just took one. That would be great. They’re absolutely divine and would be an amazing feat to pull off, but I have confidence someone will. I feel either someone quite stylish or a middle-aged woman who stays at home, scrapbooking and discussing life’s many problems to her seven cats (Emma, don’t let this be you…or maybe it would be best. I’d at least approve how fabulous you look regardless if your best friends are Mr. Paws and Princess Kitty Meow-Meow). Either image works in my mind. The frames are absolutely adorable and the red detailing on top makes it perfect.

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2 thoughts on “Prada Fall 2010 RTW

  1. Hey! Don’t make fun of Mr. Paws! And it’s “Queen” Kitty Meow-Meow to you! And since my blog is about me being a virgin…I understand your stab at me. I will be a cat lady, wearing those fun glasses. It’s whatever.

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