Welcome to Bitch-fest 2010

Rant #1:

You know what girls that really grind my gears? ~~**“A gIrl sHOuLd bE tWo ThiNgs: claSSy aNd faBULous.” CoCO chAnEl**~~ I don’t even think I need to explain the quote that could be found on many facebooks.  If you’re one of them, I have no regrets. Por favor. Consider my eyes rolling. Those girls that claim they know fashion. I’m not claiming I know shit about anything, but come on. They love Chanel, Dolce&Gabbana and Versace. They even name their poor pets after them. You will later find that these are the only labels they really know and they probably couldn’t even pick those who design for the labels out from a crowd. I’ll tell you, Karl and Donatella would be easy targets with his white hair and her orange skin, and I think this task could even be solved by Snookie and “The Situation” from the Jersey Shore. These folks are not the brightest of the bulbs. I mean come on, “The Situation” struggled naming the four seasons, all of which he’s lived through almost 27 times and counting. These two could fist pump their way through this where’s Waldo mystery quicker than these girls…now, what were we talking about?

Rant #2:

What in the hell is this?! This shit gets bad.

Is this some sort of head mitten? Please, save the mittens for your hands and spare it for the name of your kitten you were going to name Chanel. This really burns my corneas. I have never felt worse pain.  I see girls parading around campus with these strapped on their heads. Every time I witness this atrocity I want to grab it, stomp on it, and then carry on my merry way. I think  know that me doing so would be such a great deed to society that it would match anything/anyone Miss Angelina Jolie could  have done/adopted. Don’t tempt me bitches. You can take your head mittens and walk the other way.


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