Recent Fascinations

There are many themes that have stood out to me for Fall 2010 RTW.  My favorite is the romanticism that young designer Jason Wu presented.  For being just under 30, the amount of creativity this man possesses fascinates and enraptures my senses.  Young designers such as him brings a fresh approach to the fashion industry.

Okay, maybe androgyny has been done before.  Sure, YSL did pioneer pants for women, but it’s something that Jason Wu has put in his own vision for us all, and has crafted these pieces so extremely well. The cigarette burn print on one dress was odd, yet so beautiful at the same time.  He has designed such intricate pieces that are interesting and allows the admirer to find new and more striking details with each and every glance.

For those who don’t agree on the use of fur as glamor, I’ll put my second fascination under the cut.I have always said that I could never kill an innocent animal, much less wear one.  Sure, I’ll be first to admit that I would stick my paws into a juicy steak any day, but would I actually want to wear an animal to look good? My views have changed slightly when I took apparel and fashion industry classes that have discussed this topic from different viewpoints.  Whether real or fake, fur has been showing up this on-going month of fashion.

Image Source

Michael Kors will be my example, and I really think his line was beautifully and tastefully executed.  Would I wear it?  Probably not.  Is the use of fur different from the use of leather?  Maybe.  I think it’s more controversial mostly because it appears you are wearing the actual animal.  With groups like the most extreme, PETA, the public can be educated on the horrendous treatment of these animals to attain this so-called beauty.  I encourage everyone to know and educate themselves on both viewpoints if you choose or choose not to wear animal products.  Fur has been worn before time was recorded out of means of necessity.  In our day and age, we don’t have that necessity anymore and it seems as if we are glamorizing the mass slaughter of animals.  I mean, doyou know how many chinchillas it takes to make a full-length coat?!  You will never get the respect from most groups against these products if you choose to wear it, but if you educate I don’t think I nor anyone else should judge.  If you  can, why not wear designers that make intricately designed faux-fur.  It’s something to look into.


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