Prada: SS 2014

There is always a statement to be made by Miuccia Prada. Sometimes socio-political references, sometimes an underlying metaphysical statement is to be had. Maybe many of us look into more than what is there, but Prada is a show that always has substance, no? Often times innately ugly, many times not beautifully perceived to the eye right away, there is a beauty to Miuccia’s designs that are genius. Various ideas are blended into Ms. Prada’s SS 2014 show.

Murals are at the forefront of focus. Possibly not so underlying, though, is Miuccia forcing her designs to represent a sort of feminine quality: I am woman, hear me roar.

 There are bras that have no functionality at all on the exterior of coats to bejewelled garments mixed with murals of women. Reference after reference, we would say that it is all very blatant and design of high-intelligence.

Last but not least, Grace Mahary walked. Referential design be damned, Grace is THE bad bitch on the runway.

Vanity Fair: 100th Anniversary Issue

Photo by Annie Leibovitz

So here we are.

Here we are.

At least Vanity Fair didn’t use stock photography for this cover, right? Vogue just had to throw around the term ‘supermodel’ for Kate Upton, didn’t they? She hardly models. Where are the full-bodied models with skill and craft? Kate is constantly type-casted as the buxom blonde, it’s easier for the photographer that way, so unfortunately for her career, that’s how she’ll be shot the majority of the time. That’s not even the issue. Girl can’t model. She’s pretty, but her eyes seem dead in this shot, but perhaps that was the point.

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An old tired concept strikes oil. Majorly. The inclusion of Daria is a little odd and the placement of maybe Claudia or Cindy may have been a better choice, but these images are striking. None of them look a day older than their photoshopped age.

Open the magazine up and the images get better. I’m always for any ode to the ‘super’, so count me in for the Linda, Kate, Naomi, and the Christy covers. It isn’t nostalgic if they’re careers are still on fire.

Interview September 2013
Models: Naomi, Kate, Daria, Amber, Linda, Christy , Stephanie
Photographer: Mert & Marcus

interview-new-logo updated their model rankings today. These lists have no impact in the success of a model, I’m certain, but we’re always curious to see what level of slayage our queens have risen to.  Shall we discuss the shifts in ranks? Shall we?

Our love, Joan Smalls, stays strong on the top of the list. Do I agree? No. Does she deserve it? Maybe. I am Joan’s biggest fan, but where she lacks is campaigns. I’m sure Hugo Boss and Estée Lauder both pay her by the ass-load, but is this a number one queen make?

What surprises me is the drop to #9 for Karlie Kloss. She may lack in editorials outside of Vogue, but love my bb Karlie or loathe her health- conscious, kookie-loving ass (see what I did there?), you can’t deny her presence in the industry. She has a set of wings and she should be flying a bit higher.

There are some blips here and there mixed in, clearly a majority of the list is paid for by agencies to make their ladies look good, but can we take a moment to the ‘supers’? Bye-bye, Heidi. It’s about time. She has the recognition as a supermodel without the pedigree of a supermodel. How many runways has she walked on without wings? My point exactly.

You can read where the models land on

Heels and Wedges Got Me Hooked

There’s nothing I love more than a great pair of shoes. In fact, I don’t even have a large array of shoes to choose from in my wardrobe. I tend to find my staple shoes. I have an ankle book that I recently wore out and have replaced with a monk strap, moto boot that zips in the back from Zara that I found on sale in New York. zaramonkIt was a lucky find as I believe the original price was $120 and I was going to snatch them up a month or so before. I also have the Versace x H&M buckled sneaker, a light suede boot that laces and zips, a Corcoran Marauder boot that I suggest to anyone wanting a true combat boot, and a few others that I may or may not wear.

While in New York, I added an affordable rain boot from Marc by Marc Jacobs. It was a great $30 purchase I don’t regret. I have been able to wear them around the yard when letting my dog out and as their proper use in the rain. What shoe that I’m going to speak of is what I received before NYFW. I finally broke down, and as a gift, I got the Jeffrey Campbell (The Damned) Switchblade. switchbladeSome of you may know that their is a men’s line of Jeffrey Campbell’s  that is known as The Damned that include heels and wedges for men. I find this to be very limiting and I will never understand why Jeffrey Campbell doesn’t include sizes on women’s shoes to make them fully unisex, but at the end of the day, I still have my babies. I find it so heteronormative that in this day there is such a separation of women’s attire and menswear. There is no sex to clothing and hopefully someday as a society this will change.

The Switchblade has a heel of 4 1/2″ with a 1/2″ platform. The interesting shape had me sold from the get-go. Now, what I regret is not also purchasing the Pixie Man. The wedges are perfection in every way. Alas, they’re all sold out, but my dreams came true a few days ago. While playing on eBay, I found a seller of the Damned x B Calla Fred wedge, which is the same wedge, just with camo fabric on the outside. I don’t do camo, so I will be dying them upon receiving them and will document the process and results.

Wish me luck.

Wrist Party


I’m not usually for excess when it comes to jewelry. I generally keep it to a minimum with one bracelet. There seems to be an increasing trend of packing on, or wrapping on if you will, as much as possible on to your wrist. Today I present to you my extent of arm candy.

Chain and braided band: H&M

Spiked leather bracelet: Cära New York