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Gisele and Lauren Hutton: LOVE

LOVE is doing 8 collectible covers, all shot by Mert & Marcus, and it’s turning out to be so magnificent. Rosie gets the worst cover so far, and while we love Alessandras, her doesn’t scream the headlined “Angel”, Gisele and Lauren Hutton’s covers are absolutely on point. Lauren is more than double the age than the ladies and is killing it. Bow down. We see who’s the HBIC and it’s not who we expected. Cannot wait for the next four to arrive.


UK Harper’s Bazaar: Gisele Bundchen

Someone doing beautiful lace justice, not to mention Dolce & Gabbana. Shot by Cedric Buchet, Gisele looks gives her best smoldering glare that’s all about the fashion. Stunning. This is why she went straight to the top and never left. Bring on the September issues.

Photographer: Cedric Buchet
Model: Gisele Bundchen
Stylist: Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou
Harper’s Bazaar UK, September 2010


Gisele in Muse #22

Gisele’s career is stronger than ever. The supermodel has had a child with Justin Bieber, um, Tom Brady and has been a powerful force in the modeling world once again. She recently even made a return to runway this week, so I expect an influx of editorials, campaigns, and who knows what from this tall glass of legs.

This summer, Gisele can be found on one of three covers of two magazines, this one being Muse, issue #22. The ‘Earth Angel’ is looking very pretty and less about the sex, even referencing Brigitte Bardot, the Brazilian Brigitte at that. The whimsical and softer side of Gisele should be photographed more often. Such beauty, especially the shots of her in the grass and the contrast of the purple dress. Stunning. I really appreciate her editorial more than the other two based on the fact they didn’t go the stereotypical sweaty, sex, SEX, SEX route. I need more Gisele and fast.


Gisele Bundchen – Vogue Korea

See American Vogue, this is how you do an editorial. The cover may have been the wrong choice, but this what I want to see. I’m loving the military trend, I’m dying for the sunglasses, and only Gisele and maybe Wilhelmina Slater could make a jumpsuit happen. With the high prices of Balmain, girlfriend certainly makes the price look very appetizing. It’s nice to see her back to work after the child, but for a model that’s at the top of her game, who would have thought otherwise? To see the rest of the editorial, CLICK HERE for the sexy pics.


Gisele: Vogue’s April Cover Girl

Oh, Gisele is back. Shocking, she’s on the cover of Vogue. Blarg! While I do love me some Gisele, it doesn’t shock me that she’s on the cover of Vogue, let alone the “Shape Issue,” although this one a little less like man-ape picking up his damsel. There are three models that can land the Vogue cover in the past 5 years are so that aren’t included in the model issues include: Linda Evangelista, Gisele Bundchen, Christy Turlington, and Kate Moss. Kate Moss and Gisele being the repeats for years now. I’m not arguing, because Kate is my favorite and Gisele is wonderful and they deserve every cover they get, but give me a new girl, Wintour. There are all of these models you say or so great (Stam, Sasha P, K. Kloss, Natalia V, and the list goes on), but I never see them on the cover anymore. When we do, they’re often accompanied by other girls and Gisele or something. It saddens me that movie stars, and usually the same faces, are the cover girls.

Okay, more on Gisele. How did they manage to give her hair of straw on the cover?! Okay, this is the woman that is known for always having the perfect wavy locks and you manage to make it seem to be as dried out as Jessica Simpson’s career. Girl, please. Let’s not even start on the asymmetrical sleeved probably bathing suit of sorts she’s sporting. Girl looks great, don’t get me wrong, but I feel they could have done better. I’m tired of these boring covers, Anna. Why can’t you be like Vogue Italia or even the similar Vogue UK that is even still edgier that you? I understand that Vogue here essentially epitomises the American luxury, but you can do better.  Until next time Anna Wintour, do me good in May.


Is anyone else tired of hearing of Gisele’s birth? She speaks as if she’s the first woman to bear a child and then reminds us how much better she is than the rest of the mere-mortal women because she can do it natural, beautifully, and painlessly. Well, I’ve seen how babies escape that small birthing canal. Let me tell you, it’s not pretty.